Arlington : Clarendon Blvd

Carey Brezler

Carey has been going full-throttle since she could walk. Her youth was spent dancing and swimming competitively until she went to the University of Pittsburgh and started rowing. Over the next decade, she committed herself 100% to the sport and made the Pan American and Us Rowing National Team. After Carey retired from rowing at the elite level, she was desperate to find something that was fun, challenging, and empowering. Then she found CrossFit. It was everything she wanted from a sport – coaching, programming, a community and goals. Through CrossFit, she was able to find her true passion, coaching, which led her to become the head coach of CrossFit South Arlington.

In her opinion, fitness has the ability to change people’s attitudes towards themselves and others. When we feel fit, we are better people in our work environments, our families and our personal relationships. She loves being the person who helps someone else’s true essence shine through so that s/he can create change in the world. Her love for coaching is rewarded on a continual basis by watching her athletes do something s/he never dreamed possible. The look of surprise and delight on her/his face is priceless. She gets these moments each and every day, and it makes her heart sing. No medal, race, or competition can ever compete with that experience.

Her dream is to take CrossFit to the elite level in other sports. Change the way people train so that they are better runners, cyclists, swimmers, rowers, etc. She believes that CrossFit is an amazing tool to help people make advancements in their preferred sport and their lives.