Arlington : Clarendon Blvd

Alum Ambassador Mirentxu Arrivillaga

Mirentxu is a spin instructor, run club founder, triathlete, adventure racer and always up for anything. She loves teaching spinning and has done it for over 10 years. In addition, she founded a run club in her community. Since 2009 it has already grown to well over 2000 members. The Shirlington Running Club (SRC) is a free club for healthy people with social interests. Her great energy and fun-loving spirit attract and inspire so many to commit to their running goals, whether a beginner or a marathoner. Ironically, she started the SRC because she had a hard time motivating herself to run, and to this day, the members believe she has always been an avid runner....which now she is. Above all else, she is most passionate about skiing and thus feels it is important to cross train to best prepare for her next batch of knee-deep powder. She luckily grew up in an active family where both her parents played ice hockey and didn't let you back in the ski boat until you had gripped it and ripped it. She now feels her "family" has grown through the SRC community.

More info on the SRC: Weekly 5K run EVERY TUESDAY evening from 6:30pm followed by a Happy Hour at Bungalow Sports Grill in downtown Shirlington. ALL LEVELS WELCOME. For more information please visit the website at