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The showroom concept has been around for a while but we’re one of the first in Europe. Though we carry the best of our yoga and run wear, we’re different from a store. The focus is on connecting with our guests, sharing our culture and building these relationships.

Thursday through Sunday, we put Londoners in their first pair of black stretchy pants, educate them about our studio partners and introduce many of them to yoga with our complimentary weekly classes. The rest of the time, we’re out in the community, checking out the hottest studio in Shoreditch, Islington and Primrose Hill. We take classes, meet local instructors and chat with people on the next yoga mat. We invite a lot of instructors to the showroom for design meetings. We get their input on the product, listen to what’s going at their studio and ask how we can support them. It’s a really exciting collaboration for everyone involved.

It’s awesome being in a new market. People who knew lululemon before are thrilled that we’re finally in London. People who didn’t are falling in love. We feel honoured to be the ones to put many of them in their first pair of stretchy pants, to connect them to yoga and our culture. People aren’t practicing as much yoga here as they are back home. We get to introduce them to this amazing practice and be part of that experience for them. Our complimentary yoga classes are packed every Sunday. Londoners want an active, healthy lifestyle.

Probably the coolest thing about being new in a market is the opportunity to share our culture. We’re running vision and goal sessions with different studios across London. We’re getting people excited to start living the life they love. Whether you work in a showroom or a store, or even the SSC, you’re always coaching in the moment and encouraging people to live their best lives. This is a new thing for Londoners and the response here has been super positive. We’re having cool conversations with our guests and instructors. At a yoga show in October, we brought our community board and encouraged people to write down one goal. It’s back up in the showroom now. New friends have come by to visit and see the goal they wrote. It really hits them, the idea of being accountable for what they want. To be part of their journey is phenomenal.

First-time guests often ask us when the “real” store will open. They’re surprised when we tell them our intention isn’t necessarily to open a store at all. Our intention is simply to do more of we’re doing now. We believe in the law of attraction. The showroom is that concept in brick and mortar form. It’s a meeting place, a hub. What’s important is what’s going on beyond our doors. We’re watching our ripple effect in the community. We’re here to elevate our partners and inspire our guests. We’ll figure out where we can go from there. So far it’s been an amazing ride.

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