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The first thing you’ll notice about Houston Highland Village is the energy. Our guests tell us it’s contagious. We believe it comes from the incredible community we’ve built. We’ve seen so much growth here in Houston, going from one store to three over the last few years. We’re always making friends and bringing people together, whether we’re in the store, at events, or on the mat.

We’ve done a lot of work at Highland Village to make the ambassador program really special. We go for coffee with our ambassadors every month and have really personal conversations about what they want to achieve in their lives and businesses. They get to know each other at our monthly ambassador mixers. These are such strong friendships, and we really feel like one big family. An ambassador can walk into any of our stores and know everyone.

Two of our ambassadors have opened up a yoga studio together, and we got to see it come to life from the ground up. All of our ambassadors are constantly amazing us. Last fall, five of our educators signed up for their first triathlon. They trained together and competed together,. They’re up to so many awesome things, we can’t help but be inspired.

One way we share this inspiration with our community is through events. We organize two or three major events a year, all driven by our educators. We hold open leadership meetings once a month and spitball crazy ideas. If we land on a good one, we just go for it.

One of our ambassadors has a running club and we partner with them every December for our Holiday Lights Run. We dress up in lights and Santa hats, put reindeer ears on our dogs and run through the neighbourhood. It’s really simple, it’s just a run, and everyone loves it. We had about 200 people last year, all lit up, running down Westheimer Road. We literally stopped traffic.

A new favourite community event from last year is the Shore Sweat. We got 100 people on a bus and drove 40 miles to the beach in Galveston. We did a beach run and yoga class, both led by ambassadors. We had breakfast and goodie bags and singing on the bus. All these strangers who met on that bus are now friends. People are already asking us when the next one will be.

That’s what it all comes down to—getting sweaty, connecting with people and creating that energy. We’ve got an awesome community here, and we’re all really grateful to be part of it. We’re just giving back what it gives to us every day.

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