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Saying what you really want can take courage. When you think of the constraints that stand in your way – like not having enough time, money or knowledge – declaring a vision of what you want your life to be can seem outrageous.

Liis Sober knows what it feels like to go all in on an audacious vision of her future. Liis, 29, was well into a career in retail merchandising at lululemon when she set her 10-year vision for the first time.

In the above photo essay, Liis shares her experience of taking a risk and making a bold request, and how that has set her on a path toward the life she wants for herself.


Liis Sober

title design room assistant

killer yoga move gather & crow
lunch bag apple, banana, nuts and whenever possible, I love to go out for culver city salad
on my playlist pharrell wiliams GIRL
10-year goal I have an amazing team that I work with creating and designing my own successful clothing label and I am a lead designer at lululemon athletica

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