Content Manager



Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

lululemon athletica

Founded in 1998 in beautiful Vancouver, BC lululemon athletica creates components to live longer, healthier more fun lives.

brand creative
We are a guest-, community- and sweat- focused group of creatives who love to innovate, co-create and occasionally poke the bear. We speak in colours, textures, photography, video and words. We translate the essence of lululemon into different media. Even if we don’t use our logo, every image or work of art we create says, “lululemon” (sometimes it’s a hushed whisper, sometimes it’s a shout).

a day in the life of a content manager
•    leadership – you lead by example, finishing your work in a timely manner to a high standard. You value and welcome feedback from members of your team as well as your managers and peers. A huge part of your leadership is about asking questions, listening and creating space for others to grow into their best selves. Leadership is a responsibility you don’t take lightly and as a result you are always looking to develop and hone your skill.
•    resources/planning – you enjoy fitting all the pieces together to form a powerful team. You can see into the future, create a strategy and find the people who will make it happen.
•    creative/brand – you never stop creating. Everything you read, see and experience gets tucked into a mental pocket to be pulled out and examined when you need it. Weekly online campaigns, print ads, product descriptions, apps, website redesign, content strategy, translation, localization, hangtags and event branding are just some of the many projects you both work on and oversee.
•    timing/production –  your head isn't always in the clouds, you can go "high level" with the best of 'em, but when it's crunch time you can put pen to paper and meet a deadline.
•    editing – you can skillfully edit and encourage strong rewrites with ease and grace. You are not afraid to get your hands dirty or engage in a good punctuation debate.

the finer print
•    you have a formal English/Communications/Journalism education
•    you have 3-5yrs experience leading creative teams
•    you have an entrepreneurial spirit and an egoless nature
•    you have captivating ideas and know how to express them
•    you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and create
•    you have experience managing multiple projects at one time